Tips for preparing a successful Video Interview from Home

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Sectors including banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI), retail and logistics (delivery) involve a lot of front line-hiring and are likely to witness the delay because of covid-19.

More and more companies will now depend on technology as an alternate to continue with the same pace of productivity especially interviewers.

 Using video technology is the best option when the country is promoting social distancing.

Here are some tips on How to prepare for a Video Job Interview.

 Advance Planning

As you are connecting from your house be sure to download the necessary software and test your connection and comfort while communicating with a web camera.

Skype is the most used the app during interviews but zoom, Google, Hangouts or a proprietary method may be used instead.

As you are using your own program, make sure to do a trial run a day or two before the interview. 


Appearance include both your Grooming as well as your Background.

Dress professionally, wearing the same attire you would for an eye to eye interview.

Choose clothing that is neutral in color and does not blend into the background

 During Interview

Make sure the table and your surroundings are neat and clean. You shouldn’t give the interviewer a chance to be distracted.

 As you’re interviewing at your home, make sure that you are at a quiet space with no commotion. 

Use an appropriate posture, same as you would use while an one to one interview.

 Video Interview process

Though you are not meeting the interviewer but remember that the procedure would remain the same.

The interviewer would be unbiased there would be no major question changes during your interview.

So you should keep your potential while answering and should not try taking it into triviality.

Keep your resume and a copy of the job description, plus any other documents you may need, while stack it near you for your convenience.

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