Work-Life Balance During Work From Home during COVID-19

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How many times have you wished for a leave from your hectic schedule? Or how many times have you wished for the Sundays to be a little more  longer in order to spend some more time with your family?

And now suddenly things seem to run your way but without an alarm. Now since you have received what you wanted something more has been asked from you that is balance between your work and home.

Let us take a dive at some points that would help us towards a balanced as well as productive work

The work from home:

None of the industry have ever witnessed a work from home apart from the IT industry. Things demand to make a balance since our office and personal space has already become one.

Let’s hit the kit:

We need to make our own kit of rules i.e. we need to make a set of instructions as well as restrictions while working from home your working time should clearly merge with your office time or the protruding of your personal life over your professional life will leave you anarchic.


You need to be stern with yourself as well as you family members. With lockdown there is a very low scope for anyone to visit you but you should make your family clear that you are unattainable during work to look after anything.

Keep up with your connections:

Teamwork helps to make things lighter along with a brighter result. With the spark in the technology you should try to keep correspondence with your team through video calls, skype, zoom calls etc.

Your To-Do-List:

Remember to keep up your to-do list so that your road of routine goes straight and there are no turns of confusions. This might help you to segregate your work into what you have done and what you have to do.

Feeling like a rock, take a walk:

Sitting at one place for hours might make you frustrated so insure that you take short walks inside your house. Make sure that you take an apt amount of exercise in the mornings and in the evenings so that your mind stays unpreserved and you don’t loose your focus.

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